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Rick Rosalina

Rick Rosalina founded Curiosity Works in March of 2001 to help service the trade show and special events industry. With over 15 years of experience in event management, Rick strategically designed Curiosity Works and its staff to be able to provide show owners with any and all levels of event support. He created a mobile working environment that is available to assist clients upon request. Leading up to the launch of Curiosity Works Rick Rosalina was the Operation Director for Advanstar Communication, overseeing the logistics management of 12 International Beauty Shows and 4 Art events. In addition Rick provided Advanstar with support in company budgets, acquisitions and business development with in the Operation Division. Prior to being an Operation Director for the trade show industry, Rick has an extensive special events background. For 5 years he worked in Cleveland as the Operations Manager for the following events; Disney New Years in Cleveland, Cleveland Bicentennial Celebration, Sea Word on The Water, Save Our Browns Campaign, Cleveland River Fest and much more.